About Us

Our purpose is to be a missionary family that cooperates with God in making fully devoted, fruitful disciples of Christ.


While Peru is a country of strong religious roots, only a fraction of the population of 30 million have heard a clear Gospel presentation. Less than 15% of the total population considers themselves Evangelical. While the vast majority of Peruvians call themselves Catholic, most are only Catholic in name. With over 100 different people groups, three main geographical regions, and a complex political atmosphere, Peru needs God’s servants to come and spread the Good News of His Gospel. 

By centering ourselves in Lima, the capital city and heartbeat of the nation, we serve God by using our educational backgrounds to reach Peruvian and international children and their families with the love of Christ as well serving in a variety of roles in our local church.

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  • While Peru has a lot of churches, the lion’s share of them is Catholic. The Catholic Church in Peru proclaims a false works-based salvation that rests on the individual’s good works instead of focusing on the free gift of Christ. We are here to proclaim that Christ offers salvation by faith alone through His grace alone. So, while certain statistics may make it look like Peru is a well reached country, when one factors in what the Catholic Church in this country teaches, the rise of Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, and Secularism, and how many people actually attended church on a Sunday, one can see the desperate need for Gospel proclaimers in this country.

  • We are with NICS – Network of International Christian Schools. NICS is a missions organization that seeks to reach the world for Christ through Christian education. You can learn more here: About NICS


  • Our church is an international plant of New Life Community Church from the heart of Chicago. With over 25 campuses in the Chicago area, and 6 international church plants, the New Life Community Church network provides fellowship, accountability, support, and a deep sense of family to all of its churches from the United State to Peru and to Spain, and beyond.

  • Chris graduated from Clarks Summit University with a degree in Secondary English Education and Biblical Theology. Paola has a bachelors in Special Needs Education. Both of us have served in different capacities in multiple churches from our youth. Paola is also undergoing Biblical Counseling training through Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries via their yearly conferences, and Chris is working on a Graduate Certificate in discipleship ministries through Liberty University.

  • Lima is the capital city of Peru. Its population is approaching 12 million people, and steadily growing. It is a beautiful city full of wonderful culture, art, restaurants, pre-Inca ruins, and horrible traffic. With a wide range of social-economics with people living in shanty towns with no running water to others owning pent-houses and Mercedes-Benz along the Pacific coast and everything in between, the types of ministries needed in this city alone often feels overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time.

  • Christopher – April 27th

  • Paola – July 17

  • Liam – May 5th, 2022

  • Wedding Anniversary – March 24th, 2018